CHOOSE 1:                                $15/generous portion (2 small portions)
* Roasted Sweet Potato Lasagne
* Chicken Cacciatore
* Pan-seared Haddock

CHOOSE 4:                               $5.00/serving (2 small portions)                                                                 Rapini with Garlic                                                                                                                                 Roasted sweet potato sticks with olive oil, lemon, garlic                                                             Roasted beets with butter, shallots, and lemon                                                                            Roasted squash with buttery maple rum glaze                                                                            Coconut basmati rice                                                                                                                                  Quinoa

CHOOSE 2:                              $5.00/serving (2 small portions) portions)                                   Arugula Mango salad                                                                                                                           Belgian endive salad points                                                                                                    Southwestern Quinoa salad                                                                                                         Mediterranean Farro salad

CHOOSE 1:                                $15/quart (4 small portions)                                                              Tomatillo Corn soup                                                                                                                                     Chicken Vegetable Soup (noodles optional)

CHOOSE 1:                                $5/loaf                                                                                                     Wild Rice 6-Grain bread                                                                                                                            Cornbread

CHOOSE 1:                                 $5/serving (2-3 portions)                                                                          4 Fruit crepes                                                                                                                                                12 Chocolate chip oatmeal Cookies

CHOOSE 1:                                  $10/serving (2-3 portions)                                                              Baked French toast                                                                                                                                  Ham Spinach Frittata                                                                                                                                Mini Quiche, Broccoli Leek Cheddar                                                                                                            6 scones, Date Pecan