Wing and A Prayer Nursery

Nursery plants 2021 (click here)

Wing and a Prayer Nursery sprouted from my dreams in 2015. I grow native plants to serve the habitat needs of pollinators. I use organic practices and grow from seed for genetic diversity.

I am pleased to offer a plant CSA to a limited number of members once again this year. Click here for details.

The 2021 season will be Wing and a Prayer’s seventh year of offering native plants to feed pollinators.  My goal remains constant. I want to assist those of you who want to create and enhance life-sustaining habitat.  It is deeply satisfying to think of the thousands of seeds that have grown into strong plants and dispersed to enrich landscapes that will nourish a diversity of bees, butterflies, birds, and other wild creatures. I thank all of my customers for caring about the growing urgency to respond to species decline. I thank you for taking action to diversify your landscapes on behalf of those small beings that have an enormous impact on the life of our planet.

I have learned so much from all of you and from trying my hand at new plantings here on Honey Hill. This year, I am extending my selection of plants to include more plants on Dr. Robert Gegear’s list of plants that his research has shown to be vital support for bees and Lepidoptera species that are at-risk in Massachusetts. I welcome customers to come and see some of my projects in process including adding layers to the solar array planting, additions to the hedgerow we are reclaiming, and an extensive garden of shallow-rooted plants on a new septic drainage field (which we are calling the Sand Plains because it sounds much more appealing than the Septic Garden!) I am also happy to connect you with resources and with pollinator projects blossoming in Western Mass.

My regular hours are still Sunday and Monday from 9-3, but I am almost always here and welcome customers on other days by pre-arranged appointment.  Call before you come to make sure I am around. 413-634-5659. Leave a message if I am outside and I will return your call as soon as possible. You are most welcome to come and browse and watch bugs any time!

If anyone is interested in becoming one of 1,001 people who are willing to provide pollinator habitats in their own yards, ask me about my 1,001 Pollinator Gardens initiative.  Check out the website!

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