Cooking Classes

“Chop, Stir, Learn, Laugh, Enjoy”

Alice loves to cook, lives to feed people, and delights in sharing her knowledge gained from 35 years of professional cooking.  Learn the techniques and fundamentals hands on while Alice introduces you to the experience of cooking with all of your senses.  We’ll take the time to really look at the foods as they are prepared; notice how the aroma changes as they are cooked; tune in to the change in the sound as the ingredients transform, and taste as the dish progresses.  Learn about deep flavors and surface flavors and about layering flavor into a dish.  Appreciate the alchemy as separate ingredients marry & meld to create something altogether different.  Most of all, have fun!

Alice offers occasional cooking classes on a variety of cuisines, topics, and skills.  All levels of experience are welcome.  Classes run on Saturdays from 2:30 p.m. until around 6:30; we then enjoy a feast of the foods we have prepared for the class (bring leftover containers!).  The cost for the class is $50 plus a $10 fee for ingredients.  You’ll take home recipes and leftovers!  Classes will run if we have 8 or more participants.  Enrollment is limited to 10-12, depending on the class, so register early!
To register, send Alice an email at:
or call (413) 634-5659.


February 25:  Grains & Beans
We’ll cover many types of grains and beans from a variety of the world’s cuisines. We’ll cook several types of each, prepare a variety of dishes using different grains and beans in different ways,  and leave with recipes for many more. This is a great class for beginners and experienced cooks.

March 18:  Pockets, Packets & Purses:  Filled Goodies
We’ll make filled treats from many cuisines, including tyropitas, roasted squash turnovers, egg rolls, dolmas, stuffed veggies, pocket bread, crepes, enchiladas and tarts.

April 15:  Sauces From Many Cuisines, Building Blocks of Quick Meals
We’ll prepare sauces from several of the world’s cuisines that allow you to enjoy wonderful meals very quickly.  Add the sauces to different starches, proteins, and veggies to make meals with great variety.  Some of the sauces may include various Indian curries, enchilada sauce, mole sauce, peanut sauce, marinara sauce, and pestos.

May 20:  Fresh Pasta, Risotto, and Polenta
We’ll make a couple types of risotto, a firm and a soft polenta, and a couple types of fresh pasta.  You’ll learn how to use a manual pasta machine.  You’ll have a chance to prepare all 3 Italian entrees from start to finish.  Of course there will be Italian opera playing in the background!

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