How to Order

To be added to our email list to receive the weekly menu emails, click here.

To order from our weekly a la carte menu, leave a phone message at (413) 634-5659 or send an email to If you do not receive a call back or email reply within 24 hours to confirm your order, we have not received it; in that case, please try again. 

Weekly menus are available Thursday night, generally late.  Orders must be placed by the end of Saturday and will be available to pick up anytime after Tuesday at 4:00 p.m..  Delivery may be possible for those customers who live close to our CSF delivery route. Call or email for details.

Quantities are limited, so orders will be filled on a first come-first served basis. You will be notified if we are unable to fill your order.

Foods are packaged in returnable glass containers (we charge a refundable deposit) or cellulose bags.  Payment, at time of delivery or pick-up, can be with check or cash.  Refundable deposits will be added into your total amount due and refunded when returned clean.

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