Returnable Container List

We send nearly all of our prepared foods out in returnable containers.  Our glass containers are safe to go from refrigerator to oven or microwave.  Our Community Supported Foods members to not pay a deposit as long as containers are returned clean every week.  Our A La Carte customers may be charged a refundable deposit based on the list below.  A La Carte customers are asked to bring their containers back when they pick up their next order or within 2 weeks if no order is placed.

Our efforts to reduce our environmental impact will succeed if we all do our part in the process.  Our part is sourcing and purchasing the containers, filling them each week, sterilizing them upon their return, and keeping all records. Your part is to thoroughly wash your containers when empty and to return all of them promptly.  It’s a simple and beautiful model; let’s keep it working!

This is a copy of the form sent out with all prepared foods:

Name: ____________________   Date:_____________

Hello Cherished Alice’s Kitchen customer! This is a list of the returnable containers used for our prepared foods. The containers you received are indicated in the 1st column. We need your cooperation to make this system work. PLEASE return all containers clean every week along with this form. Please write the number of containers you are returning in the 2nd column. Thanks so much!


1 ¾ c. rectangle, green lid ($5)    _______     _______

2 c. round, green lid ($5)               _______     _______

4 c. round, green lid ($5)               _______     _______

6 c. rectangle, green lid ($8)        _______     _______

7c. round, green lid ($8)                 _______     _______

20 oz. round all glass ($8)              _______     _______

2 quart round, green lid ($12)     _______     _______

2.75 qt. round, green lid ($12)    _______     _______

1.5 quart, all glass ($12)                 _______     _______

Quart canning jar ($1)                    _______     _______

Pint canning jar ($1)                        _______     _______

½ Pint canning jar ($1)                    _______     _______

¼ Pint canning jar ($1)                    _______     _______

TOTAL # CONTAINERS:                  _______     _______

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