The Store

At Alice's Kitchen, we offer a wide variety of self-serve frozen prepared foods in Alice’s Kitchen. In the double door glass fronted freezer, there are main courses, sides, soups, desserts, breakfast items, and condiments. In the walk-in fridge there is often a selection of produce items (some grown by us, some from other local farms, and some other select items from farther afield), exquisite cheeses, and some of the prepared foods items that have not yet beenfrozen. You’ll sometimes find our famous chai (dairy and non dairy), ginger honey lemon tea, and other beverages.  There are also house-made non-perishableitems such as jams, pancake mixes, porridge mixes, dried fruits, fruit leather, and granola bars on the lovely wooden shelves between the freezer andfridge. And an extensive selection of carefully sourced chocolate bars from around the world!  We sell a small selection of some of Alice’s favorite grocery items including a variety of olive oils, vinegars, condiments, pastas, crackers, maple syrup, and other treats on the shelves behind the entry door.  Stop by and browse our small but mighty selection of delicious foods. 

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