Welcome to Alice’s Kitchen at Honey Hill!

I am Alice Cozzolino. I have been a professional chef since the early 1980’s, cooking with Amy Pulley at my side.  Our homestead, Honey Hill, is the culmination of a life-long love for growing food, feeding people, caring for our land, and making connections. We grow, harvest, and prepare delicious, beautiful, nourishing foods for our Hilltown neighbors. Feeding people is
what I do in the world, as certain as taking my next breath. 

At Honey Hill we grow over 200 varieties of vegetables and herbs, and many types of fruit trees, berries, other small fruits, and nut trees. Amy propagates, plants, and cares for countless native perennial pollinator plants. She is passionate about feeding pollinator species by growing abundant and diverse plants that serve as food and shelter sources for butterflies, birds, bees, beetles, flies, and wasps. We tend to, care for, and live in relationship with our land.

We preserve much of the food we grow by canning, freezing, dehydrating, and fermenting, continuing to be nourished by our harvest throughout the autumn and winter. We source our remaining ingredients with great care. We use non-GMO ingredients, and organic and local foods whenever feasible. Much produce is harvested fresh from our own gardens. We carefully choose
packaging options to minimize harmful environmental impact.

We feed our friends and neighbors in times of hardship and in times of celebration, and all the ordinary days and ways in-between.  We look forward to feeding you and your family!